Our Approach

We believe that the people tasked with carrying out the overall mission are at the heart of any organization, which is why our first priority is to understand how we can best serve your managers, teams and individual employees.

We gain this critical knowledge by carefully listening to our clients, synthesizing what we’ve heard, and responding with recommendations for your best course of action based on real-world experience.

We then dedicate ourselves to providing you with the most pertinent, timely and valuable services and tools. Our extraordinarily high level of accountability throughout all phases is a key component of our engagement with you as we work toward ultimate success together.

Our Team

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Jesse Combs

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant

Jesse is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 15 years’ experience providing exceptional project and program management leadership services in biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, footwear, healthcare, real estate and high technology industries.  He is known for composed professionalism, organizational acumen, and expert communications, with a keen ability to build and lead strong, energized teams, and to develop and implement processes and tools that streamline the work of running a project or program.


Ami Atkinson Combs

Co-Founder and President

Ami’s innate understanding of systemic patterns in communication is a cornerstone of her work in helping individuals and teams, as well as organizations , to strengthen relationships internally and with their client base. Ami offers emotional intelligence and communication coaching and training for corporations, educational institutions, nonprofits, government and community organizations. The cutting edge skills she teaches are also transformational for individuals and families. Ami is co-author of the Benjamin Franklin Award winning audiobook Taking Power Struggle Out of Parenting with her mother, Sharon Strand Ellison.

Our Story

Check out Our Story to learn more about what led us to create this business and the passion behind what we're trying to accomplish.

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